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Sponsor a VPF Pony for 1 year - Applewood Highland Heather
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Our head mare,  Heather is the mother of Mandy, and Winsome.  She is a beauty and just the best pony to do anything with.  She loves giving children pony rides and is quite funny about it.  Her family and her people are precious to her.  She loves to trail ride, drive and sleigh.   Heather insists on a quiet well-behaved herd and that is what we have here. 

Your monthly donation will go to Heather's feed and care and since the high bidder is recieving no goods or services, we can issue a US donation receipt.   Hay costs $5 a bale.  Farrier costs $35.  Annual veterinary care $100.   Monthly sponsorship payments can be arranged through paypal. 

Thank you!